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Investing in the Next Generation of Classicists

Architects, designers, and artists often experience a period of profound development during the early years of their careers. It’s during this time that many students transition from the halls of academia to the professional field to develop their practical skills; … Read more »

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Architecture & Design in Film

In a 2016 interview with Paste Magazine, acclaimed film director James Ivory of Merchant Ivory Productions explained the influence that architecture has had on the development of his own career. Ivory studied the subject at the University of Oregon School … Read more »

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Classicism Abounds in the Architectural Digest 100

The buzz in the air surrounding contemporary classicism is undeniable. If Architectural Digest’s latest ranking of the top 100 architects and designers is an accurate bellwether of the industry, then classicism is not only alive and well — it’s thriving … Read more »

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Ben Pentreath: Classical Splendor

I have always been intrigued by architects throughout history who were driven to design not only buildings, but also interiors, decorative arts, landscapes, and so many other elements that comprise our built environment. Robert Adam, Sir William Chambers, William Kent, … Read more »

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The Classicist, No. 13: The Tradition, Influence, and Vibrancy of Southern Architecture

“From the colonial era to the present, the South has been at the forefront of classical architecture in America,” observes David Gobel in his opening letter for the latest edition of the Classicist. The 13th volume of the Classicist, for … Read more »

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Scottish Enlightenment

ICAA travel programs provide participants with numerous benefits, including access to some of the world’s most remarkable buildings and landscapes, as well as fellowship with other travellers who are passionate about classicism. In June, I had the pleasure of hosting … Read more »

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