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ICAA Intensive in Classical Architectural Design : LA

Among the ICAA’s most impactful and enduring education models is its Intensive Program in Classical Architecture – an eight day course of study that introduces participants to the ICAA’s core curriculum through coursework in the classical orders, composition, proportion, drafting, … Read more »

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Drawing Classical Archways from Rome through the Renaissance

The design of archways is complex, requiring a great attention to detail and understanding of geometric form to create a stable and elegant structure. In classical architecture, the difficulty of construction is heightened—as is the end product—by the combination of … Read more »

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Taking Moldings from Profiles to Practice

Following a foundational study of molding forms, classical architecture requires an understanding of how moldings fit into a full architectural work. In order to translate an academic knowledge of moldings into a masterful composition, one must comprehend how moldings are … Read more »

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New Heights 2017 at the Marymount School

In early October, the ICAA facilitated the New Heights program at the Marymount School on the Upper East Side. This is now the third year that the ICAA has run the program at Marymount. The goal is to engage the … Read more »

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Jane Jacobs’ Greenwich Village

On Saturday, October 7, a group of designers, architects, engineers, and enthusiasts met at Washington Square Park in order to examine both the general principles of traditional urbanism and the specific history of Greenwich Village through the The Urbanism of … Read more »

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Daily Inspiration from the Christopher H. Browne Paris Drawing Tour

Follow the ICAA daily from October 7-14 as we study the classical architecture, interiors, and landscapes of Paris through observational drawing and painting. Based on the ICAA’s annual Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour, the Paris program is led by … Read more »

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