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Inspired Places & Spaces: Andalusia, Spain

This past May, I had the pleasure of joining members of the ICAA for The Rich Art & Architectural Heritage of Andalusia, Spain, an 8-day excursion to southern Spain highlighting its many architectural marvels. Along with the other program participants, … Read more »

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Daily Inspiration from the Eternal City

Follow the ICAA daily from June 4th through June 10th as we study the architecture, urbanism and landscapes of Rome through observational drawing and watercolor on the Christopher H. Browne Rome Drawing Tour. The tour is led by Ben Bolgar, … Read more »

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Lessons Learned at the American Academy in Rome

I left Rome a few weeks ago and have now had a bit of time to absorb the three months I spent at the American Academy as part of the Rieger Graham Prize. Different from any travel or education in … Read more »

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Brendan Hart, 2016 Rieger Graham Prize Winner, on the Roman Forum and the Perseverance of the Eternal City

Standing in the center of the dark nave, the crack of a lock and the groan of old hinges announce the opening of the large wooden doors.  Sunlight races past ancient columns and streams onto the dusty church floor.  Thirty … Read more »

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Roman Inspiration from Brendan Hart, 2016 Rieger Graham Prize Winner

It has been an eye-opening experience to live life at the top of the Janiculum, the tall hill that forms the western boundary of central Rome.  A view of the city from here makes it look almost like a miniature, … Read more »

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Upcoming Travel Programs at the ICAA: Highbrow Gardens of the Lowlands

This July, the ICAA will travel to the low countries of Belgium and the Netherlands. Guests will have the rare opportunity to visit the places that have influenced renowned landscape architects, their works, and private nurseries. The gardens on this … Read more »

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