Dream Dallas Home Design Competition: An alliance between the ICA&CA Texas Chapter and the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

A message from our President, Paul Gunther

The year 2011 marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI). It is a volunteer legacy of can-do American goodwill second to none in terms of community building and neighborly embrace.

Thanks to the ongoing support of all of our members and friends, the Institute celebrates its own alliance with HFHI which began in 2004, when the National Endowment of the Arts and the Surdna Foundation among generous others first spawned our design partnership. The publication and continuing dissemination of the Pattern Book for Neighborly Houses prepared for us by Ray Gindroz, Eric Osth, and their UDA colleagues set a standard of contributed pattern book design for those at the forefront of affordable housing initiatives. The economic and social travails of the last three years make our innovative work more vital still as so many governmental responses are in flux, to say nothing of the overall state of development.

Paul Gunther

The fact that the dynamic Texas Chapter has announced and now prepares to publish and construct the winning results of its recent regional version of this model enterprise is cause for collective celebration (Dream Dallas Home Design Competition). Chapter president and national trustee, Russell Windham, along with his cohorts, welcome your inquiries. Such careful design excellence following budgetary rules can best yield built results. Watch a feature about the competition and read about the winners.

The Southern California Chapter is likewise poised for its second Habitat pattern book following a regional design charette focusing on multiple-family dwellings. A comparable gathering in the summer of 2009 yielded construction single family blueprints that have encouraged the local Habitat affiliate and provided a tool for advancing this vital cause before those elected and appointed officials charged with land use decision-making. In sum, those like you can help overcome NIMBY forces. Our job is to provide a platform to that worthy end. To learn more on that front, call (310) 396-4379 to order your copy.

This is the Institute and its vital members at the forefront.

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