Upcoming ‘Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles’ issue to focus on historic preservation and architecture


“Redland” in Columbus, GA, renovated by architect Frederick Spitzmiller
(Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle / Erica George Dines)

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles will soon release its August issue, which will focus on historic preservation and architecture. We asked Editor in Chief, Elizabeth Ralls, to offer her insight on the current preservation climate in Atlanta and perspective on one of the August issue’s main stories: Redland, a Shutze Award-winning renovation project by ICAA member architect Frederick Spitzmiller.

“Everyday is an opening day”; “A phoenix is rising from the ashes.” When it comes to Atlanta, both old and new, economic development-approved mottos have been constructed to symbolize the rhythmic pattern of newness and reinvention to which our burgeoning city has grown so accustomed.

That sense of eternal optimism, of course, has served us well from the outside looking in. (Look who just landed Super Bowl LIII!) The flip side, however, is that this kind of philosophy, by default, also begets destruction.

Recent demolitions include a Philip Trammel Shutze-designed home in Buckhead; the four-columned facade of Ansley Park’s Craigie House, built in 1911 for the nation’s second Daughters of the American Revolution chapter; and the 1929 Tudor Revival estate, Glenridge Hall, where even a listing on the National Register of Historic Places could not offer protections from economic development.

Thankfully, however, Atlanta counts itself fortunate to have organizations such as the Southeast Chapter of the ICAA, to both advocate for and foster appreciation of classical architecture as well as complementary disciplines including craftsmanship, interior design, landscape architecture, artists and more.

Each year, the ICAA Southeast Chapter pays homage to our city’s most prolific and renowned architect, Philip Trammel Shutze, with an esteemed awards ceremony held in his honor. In the August issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, we are thrilled to feature one former Shutze Award winner, Frederick Spitzmiller’s antebellum home, Redland. In this issue, we head to Columbus, Ga., to explore the noted architect’s weekend retreat, which he lovingly restored following an extensive relocation of the historic home that required sawing the house to pieces. Ultimately, however, that relocation afforded him the architectural freedom to make the house comfortable, including creating a new kitchen, bathrooms and extra living space to host family and friends. Thanks to a mix of historic charm, modern updates and an idyllic setting, it’s the perfect marriage of form and function.

Elizabeth Ralls
Editor in Chief
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

To learn more about Frederick Spitzmiller’s remarkable renovation of Redland and to view additional photos, visit AtlantaHomesMag.com.


The formal living room at Redland
(Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle / Erica George Dines)


Doric columns, original to the classic home
(Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle / Erica George Dines)


The spacious porch at Redland
(Image: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle / Erica George Dines)

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