ICA&CA Tour to Buenos Aires in Photographs

The inaugural ICA&CA tour to Buenos Aires (May 15–22, 2010) was a huge success. See highlights below in photographs by tour participant, ICA&CA Professional member, and Sponsor of the Forum and Classicist,  Michael Vella of Vella Interiors.

The Presidential Palace Casa Rosada (1870). That’s our group at the bottom, left hand corner.

The Teatro Colon, considered one of the most important Opera Houses in the world. The Theater has been closed for massive renovations during the last year and was scheduled to open a week after this photo was taken. We were permitted to tour the interior while workers were punch listing.

Palacio Paz. Built 1902 for wealthy families who divided their time between Paris, London and Buenos Aires.

Our group at the Palacio Pereda, now the Brazilian Ambassador’s residence. (That’s Michael Vella at the far left)

The 2nd floor Stair Hall of the Boshe Palace, residence of the US Ambassador.

The paneled walls of one of the rooms at the Bosche Palace.

The magnificent rear elevation of the Bosch Palace.

Great image of the Entry Hall of the Boshe Palace.

The group at the main stair of the Boshe Palace. The plaque behind us notes that Franklin Delano Roosevelt resided there for a few days in 1936.

An image of the modern urban architecture outside the Fortabat Museum.

A colorful fruit stand in TIGRE

Palacio San Martin. Image of courtyard.

Palacio San Martin. Image of courtyard.

Street elevation of the Palacio San Martin

Our group after dinner and a tour at the Jockey Club.

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  1. Sara Durkacs says:

    Sublime! Thanks for sharing, Michael!

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  2. Joe Sultana says:

    Looking good Mike, great picture on main stair of the Boshe Palace

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  3. Charlie Vella says:

    Excellent photos Mike. Thanks.

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  4. 123dview says:

    Nice post! Love the architectural details, well maintained! Check out our 3D Rendering

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