Hopeful Harbingers for 2013

Paul Gunther

A message from our President, Paul Gunther

Best regards to you and those you love and cherish most for a healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your generous support today and throughout the year.

I am especially glad to announce an auspicious initiative now unfolding: Thanks in part to a $10,000 seed grant from the Institute’s Rocky Mountain Chapter, the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver will deliver a special topic area in traditional design languages for its Master of Architecture students, beginning with an Advanced Design “Atelier Studio” in Spring 2013. Students choosing to follow this topic area will take a set of drawing and design classes already delivered in the M.Arch program, but specially tailored to meet the curriculum requirements of the ICAA certificate program administered by the national headquarters located in New York.

This is the kind of dynamic content sharing our core education deserves by extending the opportunities for classical instruction in the contemporary world.

The initiative was spawned with the eager leadership of charter Rocky Mountain Chapter president, Don Ruggles; treasurer, Melissa Mabe-Sabanosh; and their like-minded colleagues. We salute them. I am also glad to report that they will be playing host to an ICAA booth at next spring’s national AIA conference; that will be our first presence there in more than six years.

We are pleased to offer a new service to members like you along with the unique constituency of practitioners and patrons that relies on our lead: Creation of a Job Board designed to assist firms and builders in recruiting talented candidates for available positions. Click here to learn more and take online advantage.

Finally, before yielding to the dense national calendar this month, one more piece of good news. The Institute has entered into a partnership with the innovate new design Web site, Dering Hall, which offers a portfolio search function that allows potential clients to discover the exemplary exteriors, interiors, and products conceived of and offered by its talented members. The Institute will benefit from all those contemporary classicists who enroll in Dering Hall as they in turn profit from the editorial, curatorial, and referral services, which the site provides daily to a diverse international audience of discerning design aficionados. Contact Stacey McArdle at stacey@deringhall.com if interested in setting up a Portfolio Package on Dering Hall.

Meanwhile, sincere tidings of comfort and joy during the holidays so soon at hand.


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