2013 Winners of the Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition Announced

Paul Gunther

On behalf of the remarkable national jury working with Fellows coordinator Seth Weine, I can announce today that the winners by category are as outlined below:

Fairfax & Sammons Architects, New York and Palm Beach

Miriam Ellner, New York

Timothy Richards, Bath, England

Thomas Jayne, New York

Jonathan Nelson, Providence

Richard Cameron, New York

The 2013 Ross Jury chair, Barbara Eberlein, Interior Designer, author and president of the Philadelphia Chapter summed it up well: “Our team marveled at the quality and breadth of the entries which explored and expressed the ideals of classicism in architecture, landscape architecture, craftsmanship, artisanship and, for the first time, interior design. There were also important additions to our body of knowledge in history, research and publishing. We were particularly impressed by the notable accomplishments in stewardship and patronage; without these champions, our built environment would not enjoy such beauty and integrity.”

She was joined on the national jury by Robert Baird, Kate Brodsky, Melissa del Vecchio, Coby Everdell, John Margolis, Scott Merrill, Peter Pennoyer, and Barbara Sallick.

The ICAA is grateful that the new and overdue category of interior design was affirmed with the selection of Tom Jayne whose example on multiple fronts fits the bill ideally. A true harbinger of recognition in a central arena of contemporary classical design excellence. The process also reminded one and all for the essential need to recruit nominations from throughout the chapter network so that regional achievement becomes evermore part of the countrywide conversation.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the 2013 Arthur Ross Awards, call David Ludwig at (212) 730-9646, ext. 104.

Take a moment to review the full array of February programs and plan to participate accordingly. Special note can be paid to the complementary regional awards initiatives both under way and taking shape; two more chapter opportunities are poised for announcement soon.

Finally I welcome to the board of directors the renowned interior, fixture, and furniture designer Alexa Hampton, whose candidacy was affirmed at the recent trustee meeting. We welcome her leadership example and look forward to many years of service to the vibrant constituency you exemplify.

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  1. Congratulations, Thomas Jayne!! Well deserved!

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