by Paul Gunther

ICAA Library

Those passing by the Institute’s national headquarters office and teaching facilities, centered on the foremost asset of the Henry Hope Reed Classroom (honoring as it does our late co-founder and scholar in residence), will now discover there a beautiful new library. It is a dream come true after a decade of strategic intent to amass a gathering of worthy titles under the determined watch of the Publications and Education Committees and especially Fellow and prolific reader, bibliophile, architectural designer, Seth Weine.

Teachers and students use it daily alongside our members and others in need of our distinctive research collections. And while not a circulating library, there is always ample room in situ for reading and research and photocopying to the full extent our rules sanction it. Come by soon and often. The online library catalog, composed by our consultant archivist, Nora Reilly, leads the way and allows the prompt accessible inventorying of newly acquired donations as deemed fitting. Armed with this electronic catalog, Seth and his fellow instructors are on the eager lookout for titles conspicuously absent whether old or new which fill the gaps of our academic mission. Inquiries and donations are welcome in the latter instance when meeting our defined teaching needs.

ICAA Library; Henry Hope Reed Classroom

The library furnishing of the Reed Classroom fits gracefully in the overall room, redone so magnificently by the pro bono skill and devotion of John Flower and the able team of his namesake contracting company. It is not surprising that so many turn his way for the most demanding construction jobs on the boards these days. And it does so following the pro bono designs of Richard Cameron, Thomas Jayne, and Andy Taylor.

Rising to the generous occasion called for in building them with keen eyes and careful hands informed by two generations of experience, training, and state-of-the–art tools grounded in traditional application was Zepsa Industries. We salute them for both this work and for the example they have set since their founding in 1981 in their enduring home base of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The work of Zepsa Industries

Eduard Zepsa landed here from the former Yugoslavia with his emigrating family, whose father patriarch, Karl, taught him the trade secrets of fine architectural and furniture woodwork. His shop-built curved staircases and Eduard’s early concentration on custom fireplace mantles forged a family business that now covers a broad range of interior millwork for homes, apartments, and boats alike. Now add to it the millwork centerpiece of our nerve center of contemporary classicism, an elegant repository itself of classical inflection built by the artisans who know and care about doing it right.

Zepsa now features national reach with satellites in New York and South Florida, allowing for regional project management, full engineering planned drawings, architectural layouts for framers and related tradesmen, custom finishes, and ongoing supervision and client support.  The contributed library here proves the efficacy of such full service enlivened above all by an underlying excellence and the attendant pride it duly spawns among the assigned team.

The Institute boasts this example and now invites its legacy to serve our constituents in the spirit of discovery describing why we exist.  PWG

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