The Dan & Gemma Camp Workshop in Classical Design

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, in collaboration with the Mississippi State University School of Architecture, presented the Dan and Gemma Camp Workshop in Classical Design on Friday and Saturday March 20–21, 2015. Over eighty architecture students and regional professionals participated.

The Workshop included presentations on the practice of classical design and a tour of Starkville’s Cotton District by its founder and developer Dan Camp.

Michael Mesko and Marty Brandwein gave an overview of the classical language and guided participants through the drawing of a classical order. Dan Osborne, of Historical Concepts, and Clay Hayles, of Robert A.M. Stern Architects, presented on the use of historical precedent in contemporary design through a series of project case studies. Mike Watkins extended the discussion to the scale of the city, introducing concepts and components of traditional urbanism and their application in the design of new places. The walking tour of the Cotton District neighborhood provided an opportunity to see many of these elements and design strategies adapted to a unique local context.

The program was made possible by an endowed gift from Dan and Gemma Camp as well as generous gifts from Briar and Michelle Jones and Duncan-Williams Inc. Investment Bankers. The ICAA is deeply grateful to Tracy Ward, Mississippi Committee Chairman (ICAA Southeast Chapter), Michael Berk, Director of the MSU School of Architecture, and Dan Camp for their commitment and support of this initiative. News of the program may be found on the MSU website.

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