New Heights Student Reflections

We asked several students at Marymount School to reflect on their experience in the New Heights program, which the ICAA launched in collaboration with the school last October.

Instructor Francis Morrone leads a field study of St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church

I felt that the architecture project helped expand my knowledge on a subject that I was unfamiliar with before. Not only did I enjoy myself on the walking tours, but I especially found that the hands-on activities gave not only me, but also many of my friends, an opportunity to learn what would have been nearly impossible to experience without the support and guidance of the experienced teachers that taught us all so much over the course of ten weeks. This program was very interesting to explore and I’m very glad that my classmates and I had the opportunity to learn as much as we did this semester.
– Julia L.

Instructor Sarah Magness leads a field study of the buildings of Marymount School
(photo credit: Tobias Everke)

The architecture program was an interesting experience for my classmates and me. In the past architecture was not something I was interested in, but I now have more of an understanding of the terminology and artistic endeavor of classical architecture.

– Lucille P.

Principal of Hyde Park Mouldings and New Heights Instructor, Adrian Taylor,
leads a plaster cast demonstration

Throughout this program, I have noticed a peculiar little detail about buildings. Not only are they useful, beautifully crafted, and structurally sound, but they hold within each a very detailed history. A structure itself is the product of research, trial, and error, built to perfection to house years of future events. The most fascinating thing I discovered during the New Heights program was not only the different types of structures and their details, but the story behind and within them. Every building is the spawn of a great mind; there was a reason it was built and a reason it still stands. This is why I most enjoyed days where we were shown brief histories on buildings – how and why they were built. The story is as real as the building itself and truly a thing to behold. – Deniz B.

Michael Romero (photo credit: ICAA)

Instructor Michael Romero introduces students to the classical elements of architecture

I grew up between Park and Madison on 72nd Street. I grew up just a few blocks away from the oasis of green grass that belonged to Central Park with its beautiful statues. Where I grew up, I was surrounded by limestone and brick buildings with cascading columns and gargoyles and Georgian and English Regency style buildings. I grew up in the present, oblivious to the stories bursting at the seams of the concrete slabs beneath me. This architecture program helped me to realize just how hidden the past of my neighborhood was to me. I was living in black and white, and this architecture program helped me understand those who lived in the past, and helped me see the marks of architecture and designs of buildings they left in their wake. – Grace C.

Instructor Francis Morrone leads a field study to the George F. Baker Houses


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